Black and Persona here! Anyone remember this?

WELL NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE SUPER CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION (Volume 1)! With 60 more pages of content! Comics include:

- The Real Bitches of St. Hermelin High: Revelations: Persona - The Prom Queen Quest
- Persona 2: Virginal Damnation (Persona 2: Innocent Sin)
- Nocturne: The Most Eligible Demi-Fiend
- Digital Devil Saga: Daily Lives of High School Cannibals
- Welcome to the Persona 3
- Strange Journey: The Fall of Mr. Space Marine
- Soul Hackin’ My Way to Real Ultimate Power (Soul Hackers)
- Persona 4komas
- The Super Wanton Violence in Amala Midnight Fight Championship 2012

In The Real Bitches of St. Hermelin High, this might be the first time the Western-only localization of Persona 1, Revelations: Persona, has been give a full comic! (And if I’m wrong, I’d love to see these other comics!) There’s also delicious Demi-Fiend adventures in The Most Eligible Demi-Fiend, where he looks for his female love interest while journeying through the Vortex World! If you like seeing the Digital Devil Saga Embryon crew hang out in alternate universes like a Japanese high school life while keeping their canabilistic and warlording desires, then Daily Lives of High School Cannibals is just for you! There’s also good Space Marine action in The Fall of Mr. Space Marine as the Strange Journey hero journeys through the Schwarzwelt and gets seduced by Louisa Faire and the demons of the South Pole. In Soul Hackin’ My Way to Real Ultimate Power, you can read a comic-ized FAQ on how to cheat your way to TRUE STRENGTH in Soul Hackers as narrated by a helpful guy across the internet. And that’s all on top of the other comics that were previously in the regular Amala Midnight!!

And thanks again to Ashura for putting the book together and making us the new logo!

Come pick up a copy for $30 at Anime Expo 2013 this July 4-7 at Artist Alley table number C56! 120 pages of Shin Megami Tensei goodness can be yours!

Map of table location:

Thanks to Karen for the Artist Alley map!

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